Questionnaire Example


For identifying information, please enter the following:
  • Enter your nine (9) digit Juror Participant Number located on your summons.
  • Enter the first three (3) letters of your last name.
  • Enter your Date of Birth. Please enter the birth year as four digits (i.e. 1956)
It will take approximately (ten) 10 minutes to complete the Juror Qualification (first) Questionnaire. After completing the Juror Qualification Questionnaire, you are asked to complete the Prospective Juror (second) Questionnaire.

All questions on the Juror Qualification Questionnaire that are marked with a red asterisk are required.

Your responses will not be retained if you exit before completion.

9-digit Juror Participant Number
The first three (3) LETTERS of your last name (excluding hyphens, apostrophes, spaces, etc.)
Date of Birth (4-digit year) / /